3 Pro Secrets to Cleaning Your Carpet

Maintaining your carpets can be frustrating. Despite the soft and warm feel they provide, you know it’s going to be another story when you accidentally spill something. Carpets are also easy victims of the dirt from your shoes and the mess of your pets, among others. It’s essential to know how to clean up the dirt on your carpets to keep their condition great and make them last longer.

Here are some of the best carpet-cleaning tips from the pros to help you keep your carpet in its best condition:

1. Avoid Scrubbing Stains

Whenever you spill something on your carpet, you should not scrub or rub the stained area. Scrubbing the stain only spreads it further. What’s more, the pressure and force from the scrubbing can cause the stain to sit deeper, making it harder to remove.

Instead, you should blot the stained area. Use a clean cloth and add a moderate amount of cleaning solution. Dab it gently onto the affected area. It will soak up the spillage or the dirt until there’s only a small amount left.

2. Use Club Soda

You can use club soda to clean stains from alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. However, the process requires more precision, and it’s not as simple as it sounds.

To do the club soda process, you must pour a moderate amount of club soda onto a clean cloth and blot the stain. Afterwards, check if the stain is starting to disappear. If it does, continue the process and gradually add more club soda. However, if it doesn’t work, mix some white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Apply the mixture onto the stained area, then wait for a few minutes for the carpet to fully absorb the solution. When it’s finally soaked in, gently press a sponge down onto the area to absorb the diluted stain. Repeat until the stain is gone, and then rinse the spot with warm water. Let it dry.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Removes Obvious Stains

Some stains are extremely obvious, which can be difficult and stressful to clean manually. That is if you’re using old school techniques. When you stain your carpet with things like too much red wine or droplets of blood due to a wound or papercut, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely effective in removing bloodstains. 

To do this, mix a mild detergent with water and pour it onto the spot. Scrape off the blood using a butter knife. Doing this will remove some of the stains. To remove the remaining bloodstains, use full-strength hydrogen peroxide and apply it onto the spot. The chemical will dissolve the blood. Finally, wait for a few minutes and then blot the area to remove the chemical, along with the stains.


While there are many types of flooring nowadays, carpets are still undoubtedly more affordable. However, the cleaning process can be draining and stressful at times, which is why it’s important to know how to clean your carpets effectively.

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