4 Telltale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Carpet

Carpets not only have the power to complete the overall look of your home but also give you the much-needed comfort you need. Just like any other material things, unfortunately, they do not last forever and should be replaced after 5-10 years. To determine if you need to get rid of your old carpet and replace it with a brand-new one, be sure to look out for these telltale signs:

1. It no longer matches the interiors of your home

Your home must provide you with comfort and peace, and one effective way to do that is by customizing its interiors to create your desired look. Aside from choosing your furniture and the colour of your walls, it’s important to consider your flooring. When your carpet is outdated, you no longer want its design, or it doesn’t match your interiors anymore, it is best to replace it with a new one.

By turning to us, you can find the carpet in Braintree that matches your interiors perfectly. Our carpets come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, designs, and materials, so you are assured to find one that fits your taste and preferences. 

Don’t underestimate the power of your carpet to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. Using the right colour and texture can give your interiors a fresh, charming look and a refreshing ambience, making your house homier.

2. It has stains that can no longer be removed

Carpets are meant to improve the style and comfort of your home. But if they are now full of stubborn stains that are a nightmare to remove, it might be time to bid them goodbye. To ensure that your new carpet fits your place perfectly, seek assistance from experienced carpet suppliers and fitters. They have the know-how and skills to make sure that you acquire the proper size of carpet for your property.

3. It is placed in a high-traffic area

High-traffic areas are spots in your home that are constantly subjected to foot traffic, making it more prone to wear and tear. These include doorways, hallways, and stairs. 

Replace your carpet if it is now faded or worn out. This way, you can keep the look of your home fresh at all times, impress your guests, and feel comfortable using a carpet that is in tip-top condition.

4. It is full of mould

If you notice that your carpet is now full of mould, make sure to have it replaced right away. Mould is formed due to moisture accumulation, and when you fail to buy a new carpet and dispose of the mouldy one immediately, this can affect your health negatively.


Carpets can prolong their lifespan and maintain their excellent shape when they are cleaned and maintained regularly. Eventually, due to stains, wear and tear, or old age, they will reach the end of their lives and have to be replaced right away. When this happens, depend only on a reliable carpet fitter and supplier who can address all your carpet needs and provide you with the carpet that is best for your home.

Regardless of your preferred fabric and colour, you can count on us to help you attain your ideal flooring in Braintree. We offer a wide variety of carpets and flooring solutions. Get in touch with us today to visit our mobile flooring showroom!


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Replace Your Carpet
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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