Home Improvement: 5 Flooring Options for Your Entryways

Unlike wallpapers, light fixtures, and other detailing options, floors experience the most damage in any home. Since it takes plenty of abuse from floor traffic, moving furniture and tough stains, it’s one of the most crucial components when designing your home. Besides worrying whether your kitchen’s theme matches your flooring, your flooring problems can start at your front door.

Entryway floors function similarly with a doormat, providing a much-needed allowance of space before your guests can go further inside your home. Although it serves a practical purpose of bridging the gap between your interior rooms and the outdoors, it can also add another layer of complexity to your interior design.

Figuring out your flooring

An entryway’s practical function is to house specific furniture and items like umbrellas, coat hangers and indoor slippers. However, you can spice up your flooring’s look with the right flooring option. Whether you have a compact vestibule or an expansive foyer, your choice of flooring can give your home an amazing first impression to your guests.

In this article, we’ll share five flooring options for your home’s entryway.

1. Cement floor tiles

You can’t go wrong with the raw and industrial look of cement floor tiles. Made of Portland white cement, it’s a mixture of natural colorants, marble and limestone. Its texture makes it a great fit for any landing area, especially for your entryways and outdoor fixtures. Contrary to popular belief, you can order cement floor tiles beyond the conventional gray and off-white blends that are common in most houses.

2. Beach pebble floor tiles

Another way to add texture to your home is by using natural materials for your flooring. Beach pebble floor tiles create an organic arrangement of smooth stones to bring the outdoors into your home. It’s uneven surfaces and wide gaps allow for ample grip to prevent slippage. It’s a common installation in bathroom spaces but can also work well with small patches in your entryway.

3. Brick pavers

Introducing a rustic feel in your home doesn’t just come from wooden fixtures. Brick pavers can be an excellent complement to your organic furniture. You can use it for walls and flooring options, especially in areas that need some-much needed accents. Keep in mind that bricks are susceptible to moisture so it’s best to treat it with a waterproof sealer if you’re placing it near your exterior doors.

4. Marine paint over wood flooring

If you can’t afford a full replacement of your current flooring, you can still reinforce its functionality and style by treating it with different materials. Water-based marine paint protects your wood surfaces from moisture. Although it’s more common for boats and other marine structures, you can also use it to coat your wooden flooring. Applying it in key areas closest to your exterior doors will keep the wood in good condition against wear and tear from wetness.

5. Porcelain floor tiles

If you want a consistent option that can apply to your entire home, porcelain floor tiles can give you a robust and aesthetically attractive solution. Unlike ceramic tiles, it has high durability and stain-resistant properties that can work well in any harsh environment. This makes it great for busy areas like kitchens and entryways.


It’s not uncommon for most homeowners to focus on attachments and fixtures for their home renovation project. They believe that it’s living room couches, chandeliers and dining table sets that will make a room pop out. However, none of these interior design elements will be impactful if you don’t have the right base material. Investing in your walls, ceilings and flooring is always essential when planning a home remodel.

You have a broad selection of choices when it comes to your entryway flooring. If you need a reliable supplier for flooring in Braintree, we at Kings Flooring can give you the right materials for your home remodel. Check out our online catalogue of flooring options to find the one that matches your needs!


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
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