Kitchen Essentials: Should You Invest in Laminate Flooring?

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home. It’s one of the most used places in your house, second only to your bathroom and bed space. The kitchen has to deal with different issues ranging from food stains to heating and moisture from cooking. Because of this, you need to make sure that your flooring option is a durable and sustainable choice to avoid having to replace it now and then.

The argument on laminate flooring

Most flooring options are pretty straightforward, with ceramic tiles and different vinyl flooring as optimal solutions for your kitchen. However, these choices aren’t always the most affordable products on the market. Laminate flooring offers a negotiable solution for people who can’t afford to spend too much on their refurbishing budget while still having a robust material to handle the kitchen’s daily struggles.

If you’re still on the fence on why you should choose laminate flooring for your kitchen, here is an overview of its different benefits and advantages.

Water-resistance concerns

One recurring reason why homeowners are reluctant to choose laminate flooring is that it has limited resistance to water. The weakest areas of laminate boards are located at its edges. Although its top parts are sealed by the wear layer, its edges are raw and are prone to soaking up water if they’re improperly aligned. This is a mistake that you can end up doing if you choose to install laminate flooring on your own. To avoid dealing with this issue, you need to make sure that your boards are installed by a professional.

Since laminate is made up of pressed bard, it possesses lignocellulosic fibers from dried wood pulp, which is blended with synthetic resin to increase its stability. These materials allow your laminate boards to maintain its shape even when exposed to water. However, if the water is left to dry, it can end up seeping to its core, which can cause warping. Mopping your floors as soon as spills occur is an excellent way to prevent the deterioration of your boards’ form and durability.

High scratch resistance

Laminate flooring is made up of the wear layer, the image layer, and the core substrate. A Taber testing machine is used to revolve laminate boards on pieces of sandpaper to test its durability. Most laminate floors for residential purposes have an AC-3 rating, which makes it impressive enough to handle a large volume of scratches at around 2,000 revolutions. This is an incredible feat considering its price per unit.  You can also purchase laminate products with an AC-4 rating that are traditionally used for commercial properties but are slowly being introduced for residential purposes

Easy removal and replacements

Unlike other materials such as marble and ceramic, laminate flooring can be easily replaced since it’s a floating floor. Its installation above your home’s substrate means that it isn’t permanently connected to your floor, making replacements an easy task. This is an exceptional advantage if you don’t wish to replace the entire kitchen space or if you just want to add a different flooring style to complement your other home refurbishments.

Laminate has a distinct colour and texture, which makes it easy to find the exact tint and design of your current boards, depending on its brand. If your laminate boards are aligned properly, no one will know the difference that you’ve swapped an older board for a newer one.


As with any furnishing option, you need to make sure that you give proper care to your home’s parts so that it can last for a long time. Laminate flooring is a cheap but effective investment as long as you put in the work to treat it well by maintaining it properly.

If you’re looking for cheap laminate flooring in Essex, we at Kings Floors offer a broad selection of choices for you. Browse through our online catalogue today and find the perfect flooring options for your home!


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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