Make Your Bathroom Floors Safer & Convenient With Vinyl

The bathroom is prime real estate for mould and mildew growth due to the high levels of moisture. As steamy baths are non-negotiable for homeowners during the winter months, there are ways to keep the bathroom free from mould, while staying stylish and safe. This is where using the right materials for the bathroom comes into the picture.

Your bathroom floors play a crucial role in your bathroom experience; this is why you need to choose the right material to incorporate. Over the years, vinyl flooring is a popular choice because it delivers excellent value, and it’s also available in a wide range of colours, styles, and designs. 

In this article, we will share six advantages of using vinyl for your bathroom floors: 

1. It Can Resist Moisture

To maintain a clean bathroom, you need to ensure that it’s free of mould and other radicals that potentially bring diseases in the house. As mentioned, moisture is the main reason mould can thrive in your bathroom. Fortunately, vinyl is water and moisture resistant, meaning that mould won’t have an easy time to grow in the crevices of your floors. Moreover, the material will help prevent damage to the floor and make it easier to clean. 

2. It Is Easy To Maintain

Grime and dirt can quickly build up on bathroom floors while caulk stains can be difficult to clean, especially if you’re using a different material for your bathroom floor. However, you won’t have any of these problems with vinyl flooring because it’s easy to mop, sweep, and vacuum. Additionally, nothing sticks to them, which is why maintenance is a breeze.

3. It Is Affordable

Vinyl is one of the most affordable floor materials to use for your bathroom. With that, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to get it installed in the area. As mentioned, it also comes in various styles and designs that you can choose from. 

4. It Will Fit Any Style

Regardless of the style of your bathroom and its theme, you’re bound to find a vinyl floor option that will fit right in. With the many colours and patterns to choose from, you won’t have to worry about losing out on aesthetics when you opt for this flooring option. 

5. It Is Safe To Walk On

As mentioned, vinyl is water-resistant, meaning that you won’t need to worry about slips and falls in the bathroom, even if the floors are wet. Vinyl offers a better grip for the feet, especially after a shower. 

6. It Is Comfortable

Vinyl materials can absorb ambient heat from the room quicker than stone, and this makes it more comfortable to walk on barefoot. You don’t have to worry about running around shoeless in your bathroom first thing in the morning. Additionally, this flooring is compatible with floor heating solutions. 


The benefits of vinyl bathroom floors are undeniable. As discussed above, vinyl is affordable, can wick water and moisture, and provides a good grip that will prevent any slips and falls in the bathroom. These advantages are enough to convince every homeowner to switch to vinyl floors as they’re more practical to use, and the safety and convenience it provides are unmatchable. 

Be sure to get quality yet affordable vinyl flooring today from a trusted supplier. At the same time, do your research and find a company that will suit your needs. 

Here at Kings Floors, we provide high-quality yet cheap vinyl flooring in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. Arrange for a home visit today so that you can experience the vinyl flooring to help you make a purchasing decision!


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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