Rugs vs Carpets – What to Know About Their Differences

Rugs and carpets often bring much confusion and are usually mistakenly exchanged between each other in casual conversations. They’re both textile floor coverings commonly used in homes and offices, which is why the distinction can actually be easy to forget. The most notable difference, however, is their size––rugs are much smaller when compared with carpets.

Deciding between a rug and carpet is usually a residential cosmetic choice that requires lots of thinking and planning. While both are ultimately floor covers, they are actually be used for varying reasons. 

In this article, we will share with you some basic information about rugs and carpets so that you can ultimately choose which one will best suit your home:

Rugs vs Carpets – What’s Best?


Rugs are generally smaller than carpets and are mobile because they are not installed or affixed to a particular surface. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, making for a great mix-and-match to whatever room or surface you decide to lay it on.

Largely a decorative implement, rugs are often used to highlight a particular area of your room. Using contrasting colours can really help pop out a particular section, whereas using complementary shades will enhance your room’s overall facade. The beauty of the rug is its usability to unify differing furnishings and fixtures, creating a look that is uniform and even.

The greatest benefit of the rug is its portability. Easy to pack-up and roll, it also makes for a quick and easy wash and clean. Its small size also makes for a showcasing of your flooring—beautiful and expensive ones should be showcased, not hidden.


Carpets are large swaths of textile cloth that covers the entirety of a room’s flooring. Generally, different carpets are made of different materials, but their basic structure is the same––the upper textile layer, a backing usually made of latex, and with a cushioned underlay. These are installed on a chosen floor and either permanently or semi-permanently affixed to the floor. Some carpet installation services also provide plans and methods to subdivide a room’s carpet using some transitional methods to different surfaces.

Installing a carpet in a room provides an overall aesthetic makeover and an added layer of protection for your flooring. Stable, safe, and slip-resistant, carpets fulfil many aspects in the list of home floor planning. Choosing the appropriate carpet for your overall house aesthetic will complete the desired look and provide a generally safe floor space.

Rugs vs. Carpets

On than their sizes, rugs are more aesthetic in functionality, whereas carpets are more protective and wide-spread. The use of a rug is mainly to highlight a particular area and protecting the flooring underneath is merely secondary. Carpets, on the other hand, are geared more to protect your flooring and the aesthetics are completely up to you to decide.

The difficulty of rugs contrasts with its greatest feature—its small size and non-affixed nature make it an incredible slip hazard! When having children, visitors, or animals around, rugs can be an incredible fall hazard, unlike with carpets. With carpets, on the other hand, the difficulty comes once it’s degraded. It’s expensive and difficult to replace, meaning that once it’s ripped, repairing or changing it is an incredible cost that can defeat the purpose of repairing. This is where the importance of proper installation comes in, to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.


Overall, though carpets are expensive, they are highly valued for their protective nature. Having carpets can also increase the value of your property, especially if properly maintained. Rugs, on the other hand, are more for cosmetics as they help creative individuals spruce up their house’s interior.

If you wish to have a carpet installed for your flooring, then contract only the best to handle the job. We offer competitive carpet fitting services in Braintree. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services!


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