The Comprehensive Anatomy of Laminate Flooring

As a homeowner with a vision, nothing bursts your renovation bubble like a skimpy budget. Without the cash to satisfy your #HomeGoals, you begin to settle for less. Having to forego your much-desired hardwood flooring is the last straw—but you can’t afford it. So, where do you look? Cheap laminate flooring might do the trick. A staple in thousands of modern homes, laminate flooring looks, performs, feels better, and is now a premium choice amid high-end homes. 

What is Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate is a synthetic, multi-layer floor fused via lamination (hence, its title). It can mimic the look of hardwood or stone flooring. The layers that make up a laminate floor plank include the: 

  • Wear layer: The top layer of a laminate plank, this invisible layer rests atop the surface to protect against damage. It is usually made with an aluminium oxide chemical treatment. 
  • Design layer: This layer demonstrates the laminate’s appearance—manufacturers print an image or pattern, then embed them in resin. 
  • Inner core: The heart of the flooring, the inner core, provides depth, structure, and stability. It consists of wood chips or sawdust ground into a very fine powder and pressed into flat sheets. 
  • Backing: This moisture barrier keeps the floor from warping.

An underlayment or padding goes between the subfloor and laminate planks to distribute the flooring evenly. 

The Advantages of Laminate Flooring

For homeowners on a budget, laminate is an attractive and cost-effective flooring option. Its pros include: 

1. Durability

More than hardwood, laminate flooring is durable, resistant to the commotion of high-traffic areas and pets. It can also withstand exposure to sunlight for lengthy periods without fading. 

2. Ease of Cleaning

Are you dealing with a dust mountain or a tragic spill? A vacuum and damp mop will typically do the trick. Cleaning your laminate floor is effortless—you can use any cleaning agent you prefer. 

3. Realistic Appearance

Today’s technology makes it challenging to distinguish between laminate and genuine wood. If you’re vying for the look and feel of wood but aren’t keen on the work you’ll have to put into it; laminate flooring makes for an excellent substitute. 

4. Affordable

If it feels like the natural material but shrugs off the exorbitant price tag, that’s a winner in our eyes. 

5. Ease of Installation

If you’re a budding DIY handyman, laminate flooring is the best place to start. Laminate need not be glued, nailed, or stapled to a subfloor—simply lay down the planks, and you’re good to go. 

The Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

Like all good things, laminate isn’t perfect. A few things to watch out for are: 

1. Potential Moisture Damage

Made with high-density fiberboard (HDF), laminate flooring can be susceptible to water damage. When exposed to standing water, HDF tends to break down and expand. To prevent damage, avoid installing laminate where water is commonplace—that means the bathroom or kitchen. If necessary, purchase a waterproof variant. 

2. No Refinishing

Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate’s fiberboard core doesn’t take well to refinishing. Its thin layers are susceptible to wearing, which means to achieve a brand-new look, you’ll have to purchase laminate flooring that is brand-new. 


It’s easy to see why laminate flooring is growing in popularity. Durable, cost-effective, DIY-friendly, and easy to maintain, its appearance in contemporary homes is more than welcome. 

At Kings Carpets and Flooring, we bring our showroom to you. As carpet supplier and fitter connoisseurs in Essex, we can help you make a hassle-free decision regarding your new surface. 


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Laminate Flooring
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You
Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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Kings Floors - Mobile Flooring Showroom - We Come To You


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